“Seek out those places and put your bare feet onto the grass.” — Cameron Day


    A PRAYER FOR RAIN  If we prayed FOR rain, rain could never happen. Because the moment you pray FOR something to occur, you just acknowledged that it does not exist in that moment.— Gregg Braden



    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.


    The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one.— Bill Hicks


    “He who jumps into the void, owes no explanation to those that stand and watch.” — Jean Luc Godard


    “Right now is your present. . . . . so don’t stand still waiting for tomorrow, be present in your life right now—TODAY.” —Renée Christine Martine



Dr. Oz and Renee MartineDr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Oz not only known for his popularity from his network show but he, and his wife Lisa Oz, also maintains a non-profit business [HealthCorps]doz and lisa that enables college students to learn their health and wellness program and incorporate this program into high schools across the nation. Dr. Oz started with (4) high schools that has now grown to 55 schools in 11 states in less than 10 years. I had the privilege of working as executive assistant of his non-profit. hc logo


Matthew Modine, Renee MartineActor, Matthew Modine

Matthew Modine, known for his accomplished acting career of films like; Full Metal Jacket, The Dark Night (Batman) and many others, came through Sacramento on a screening tour for his short film JWAC. JWAC is a short-film exploring the idea of communism in ajwac much broader scope of positive thinking. While working with HealthCorps I had the privilege of working with Matthew as the local screening producer. mm shorts

Ben Vereen, Renee Martine

Actor, and all around entertainer, Ben Vereen

Again, the honor was all mine. Ben works closely with HealthCorps, providing support and goodwill to Dr. Oz’s benefforts in bringing health and wellness awareness to those in need of more personal education, as well as the entire nation. I worked closely with Ben during his visits and provided personal attaché assistance during special events. Ben is an amazingly strong entertainer, dancer, and spiritual individual—just an all-around great guy, and I had so much fun hangin with him. ben vereen_text