coins underwaterTHE PENNY TRAIL — out of body dream | February 2004

This was more of a lucid dream I had, as I had been experimenting with lucid dreams after so many precognitive ones. I dreamed that I was underwater, at the bottom of what looked like a lake or the sea, I could hardly see any light down there. I started to get scared because I was so far down under water—I wasn’t dead, and I wasn’t floating, I was just kind of still in the space of the water. The fear started to build, and I remember panicking because I was still underwater, but I wasn’t drowning either. I kept trying to swim up to the surface, but I couldn’t, all I could do was kind of float there at the bottom. Then, suddenly I heard a man say “if you want to move forward, follow the pennies.” I thought to myself, what pennies, it’s pitch black down here, how am I going to find some pennies? Just then a light started glowing at the bottom of the lake, sea, river, or where ever I was. While I couldn’t swim upward toward the shore, I WAS allowed to move toward this new light nearby. As I swam closer to the light I realized that they were pennies, nickles, and quarters, but the only ones glistening were the pennies—they shinned so brightly. The brighter they shinned the easier it was for me to move.

Hovering right over the top of them—there are so many. I see them glowing just like stars on a clear mountain night where you could practically reach right up and touch one. Suddenly, I started moving away from the pennies and toward the surface—finally I thought in relief. At first I started moving upward slowly, then it felt like a rope had put around my waist and I was being pulled up quicker and quicker. The towing feeling pulled me from my back up, so that I can see what was below me as I moved upward, and I as I climbed, I noticed that the shinny pennies were spelling out a word. Struggling to see what the word is, the water and the movement of me moving through it made everything blurry. Just before I break through the surface I hear the man again (I could not see the man, I could only hear his voice) and he said “Do not be afraid, the pennies will light your path for you.” Still struggling to see the word, I break through the surface, but I don’t stop there, I’m still moving upward, faster and faster upward. Now, I am scared again because I am too high. I can see a small delta town below, the pennies still glowing, but I still can’t read what it says. Now I am so high I can’t even see the town anymore and I scream “let me down!” With the “n” still on my tongue, I fall so fast back down I didn’t have time to be afraid anymore. All I know is I am falling FAST! I am close to the ground when I see my friends woodsy-cabin roof. I’m thinking to myself, oh crap, I am going to die on my friends roof, when suddenly his entire cabin splits in half, and opens, I fall straight through and see myself sleeping on his couch. The momentum of falling back into my body so quickly woke me up and I vowed to stop drinking beer . . . just kidding 🙂 The End.

SIDE NOTE: I still to this day do not know what the pennies spelled out. I think about that every once in a while too. But, I guess if I was suppose to know I would know—everything in time.