“To see a World in a Grain of Sand, and a Heaven in a Wild Flower.  Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity in an hour.”

    —William Blake


    “He who jumps into the void, owes no explanation to those that stand and watch.” 

    — Jean Luc Godard


    The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one.— Bill Hicks


This page is primarily from a spiritual side that

I was born with—the helper.

If I can help—I will, has always been my way—it took me a while to

understand where that came from,

but I finally found the way, and embrace it as such.

Thank you for your testimonials, review’s and support.



New Life - Leafs


Remote Viewing/Energy Reading

“I would like to thank Renee Martine for her guidance through a time of deep and dark confusion. She assisted me in understanding and accepting my abilities when I knew not what was happening to me and why. Her gentle and supportive nature instantly put me at ease of my fears of being ridiculed by a stranger/spirit. I now feel I have made a not too distant and most trustworthy friend, one I can confide in when I feel overwhelmed by, or uncertain of paranormal experiences in my life.

Thank you Renee for the energy reading you did on me despite us being at opposite ends of the world. I was shocked to hear how accurate you were and so was my family! You clairvoyant and mediumship abilities have really made me think differently on matters concerning the spirit world. With your help I am learning new ways of dealing with my spiritual experiences and learning how to enhance my ability as a sensitive. I also no longer fear the “unknown.” Thank you for being patient with me and answering all my questions when I practically bombarded you with them. You truly were the bright, guiding light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel for me. Without your help I would still be lost.”

Reneta — Cape Town, South Africa

noelle ashlandSACRAMENTO CA

Intuitive Translation Readings

“Renee is a bright, radiating, empathetic soul. From the moment I met her I was extremely comfortable opening up and drawn to her positivity. She is incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas of life and will teach you the tools you’ll want in order to navigate through the World with purpose. She genuinely cares for everyone and has been blessed with such a gift to offer any individual. I always look forward to our readings and time spent together, as I walk away feeling grounded, supported and and loved.”

-Noelle Ashland


Distant Energy Reading

“My name is Greg Roberts. I have known Renee Martine for many years. I just recently made contact with her after being out of touch for about 20 years.

I was not a really big believe in psychic abilities or anything like that. But, did look at her website and then had her do a reading for me, more for fun I guess than anything else. WOW! I was blown away! She was able to see details in my life that I know I had never discussed with her. The clincher was her telling me about the pain I was experiencing in my right knee that she would have had NO way to have possibly known about.

Because of my own experience with her over the years, I say this; Renee is one of the most beautiful Spirits I have ever known. She embodies compassion and concern for her fellow human beings.”

Greg Roberts — Founder/Owner of Rogue Weather (http://www.rogueweather.com),  Medford Oregon, US

south carolinaSOUTH CAROLINA, USA

Distant Energy and Medium Reading

“I have believed in the spirit world for a very long time and have had several readings before. However, a very religious background made me rather afraid of this domain and at the same time that I believed, I was always rather skeptical on whether the medium/psychic was actually contacting a certain spirit. I got to know a little bit about Renee through a group of people who I know are on a highly spiritual and positive path, and that gave me the confidence to contact her for a reading. My son had committed suicide a year before and I was, and still am, struggling with this fact and all the feelings associated as I review my life and our interaction  as my son grew up.

Renee was able to call on his spirit to be present during our reading and she mentioned a number of things that she could not possibly know, and that had never been mentioned before to her or anyone in the aforementioned group. Obviously, there is no real comfort or answers for the tragic events that happened, however, having Renee contact him and convey messages to me has helped in no small way to understand a bit more, but mostly to know that my child is ok, and that his spirit is always close tome and watching over me. It seems a cliché to say that I person who has passed is still present, and that we will meet again one day. But, through Renee I now know that it is absolutely true.”

Cheryl South Carolina, USA

1024_haze_forest_wallpaperSACRAMENTO CA

Energy Reading:

“I have never met Renee Martine before, and to me she was just another person. I heard how good she is and how she can help, but that was it. I needed help with a personal problem that I had been struggling with for over nine months, and thought it would never end! So one day I was scrolling through my emails and came across her site. I checked it out and it seemed as if I was connecting with her, without even knowing her—so weird! I decided to email her and we both emailed back and forth. At first I didn’t know how to approach my questions, but I just did, and there she was, helping me every step of the way. At first I listened to her and I  was still confused, so I asked her what it is she meant? She clarified what she was trying to tell me, and it all started to make sense. She had known things about me and my situation with my friend without me telling her about myself or the problem I was having with my friend.

Renee just doesn’t answer your problems, she guides you as a friend and helps you through the pain you might be in. I had gone to so many people, friends, and family, and no one helped me the way Renee did. I have never met her and it was so weird how much she helped, and within three days time I was back on my feet. After suffering from nine months of hurt and pain, she helped me within three days! It was incredible! I could not believe it! I wish I would have run into Renee nine months ago because than I would have not had to go through the pain I had gone through.

Here I am still thinking, how did someone whom I’ve never met or knew, help me so easily and quickly? Even the conversation with her today (the following day), she just keeps on helping and guiding me through the pain. She gave me hope and she achieved hope for me. I have never believed in psychic powers or anything like that, but as of today, I do! Should I have any other problems, I would ask her first, because I know she will guide me through it and be supportive of whatever I need.

When I thought I was never going to be okay, and decided to try out the “psychic” think, I never thought it was going to work because what I was going through was something that could not be fixed in my eyes. But, Renee opened those eyes for me and she reached out and helped me and gave me hope, and that is something that puts a smile on my face.

Thank you . . . I cannot thank you enough for what you guided me through and the hope and the truth you gave me. I am grateful to know you and I wouldn’t hesitate to ever come back to you and ask you anything, because I will always be grateful to you.

Thank you once again.”

WINDER — Sacramento CA, USA


Barbara AshlandSACRAMENTO CA

Intuitive Translation Reading

“Renee Martine has been a miracle to me. I was so low and confused about the direction in my life. I guess I was so deep in the forest I couldn’t see clearly any longer. I only knew what I was doing in life was sucking life from every cell in my body. But how to move out of that dark place, how to even be able to name it is “dark!”  . . . then came Renee.

I  had heard about how she had helped so many people, that on a whim one day, I stopped everything I and dialed her number. I had no idea where to begin . . . what should I say to this perfect stranger? Renee didn’t hesitate to speak, and when she did, I felt as if someone had just pulled all my emotions into a pool and laid all my thought and fears out so I could see clearly. She gently helped me see that I had to let go of something I was clinging to in order to allow new life to flow forth.

I began emotionally letting go and immediately new doors began to open to a new job, offering something I was really good at and enjoyed. Renee had said that if I let go, I would be successful. It was frightening, but I jumped off that cliff, and praise to Renee for she was the angel who appeared and led me to the cliff. How completely amazing that a person who didn’t even know me could see my life, my pain, and the resolution to a bright light!

Thank you Renee Martine! Angels sing when they hear your name.”

B. Ashland — Sacramento CA, USA