handsDementia, medically speaking is a physical deterioration of the brain cells that typically allow for cognition; memory, planning, behavior, etc. Spiritual Dementia is a term I refer to as the race of humans that are still functioning in a snow globe environment—personally, emotionally, and randomly viewing the world as a wheel that spins daily without much recognition for experiences to become. Rather, they believe there is some sort of control they have over daily life experiences (both good and bad), while spiritual and consciously living people believe that whatever happens, happens, there is no controlling it. Spiritual living people also believe that intention vs expectation is living outside of the snow globe. By setting intention, the universe works with you and the outcome is whatever the outcome is. Fear plays a large role in expectation; fear of losing, fear of needing, fear of wanting and not getting, and what follows is loss; loss of will to keep trying, loss of eagerness to try again, loss of hope. Many of these symptoms reflect in some way the symptoms experienced in people suffering from dementia. I believe that during the course of one’s life, we have become accustom to the snow globe and this creates a sense of hopelessness. Many turn to religion for hope, just to find out that the hope and saving of self comes from within, yet this is not a deeply rooted system in the snow globe.

I refer to the snow globe quite a bit because the snow globe in a sense represents an individuals world, within the world. Imagine that the tiny pieces of the snow are settled and lay on the bottom of the circumference of the globe. Each individual has randomness in their life, but also they have a method to their randomness. Our lives have memory and we can recall those memories anytime (typically), and utilize the  functionality anytime we like, we know right were those pieces of memory, functionality, and behavior are, they are on the bottom right where you left them. However, when we shake the globe, those pieces are no longer where you left them, and there is a lot of chaos now because everything you thought you had under control, all of your functions and memories are now scattered and floating aimlessly within your personal space (the globe), with no way to retract them and you have to wait until they settle back down to the ground where they are supposed to be. Life is much like the shaken snow globe, but the difference between consciously excepting the chaos as growth, and the fear of losing control over how life is supposed to turn out is where Spiritual Dementia comes in.

Many spiritual people, meaning, those whom are consciously living see the world and their everyday occurrences as growth opportunities and do not live in fear of the past, present or future. Theyworry worry less, and experience more out of life. While, many other non-conscious living people live their lives in fear, worry, regret, etc.—the fear of losing control.

The way I see Spiritual Dementia is not a development of the physical loss of brain cells, and not in any way medically speaking, but a form of subconscious repetition, a constant reminder from those conscious to those not consciously living—those with Spiritual Dementia. Spiritual individuals often find themselves repeating messages of hope, inspiration and guidance to those whom are not yet fully on the same page yet spiritually. By allowing for change, growth, and releasing fear and control in daily living is typically the life of a consciously living person. The expectations from those with Spiritual Dementia suffer from the lack of  remembering who they are, why they are here, repeating destructive patterns, and most importantly that they do not live in the snow globe that they think they do.

For those teachers, guides, and earth angels out there, thank you for your kindness, and daily gentle reminders to those suffering from Spiritual Dementia. The tasks taken of those that volunteered to help improve wellness of body, mind, spirit can sometimes wear us down, especially with those we are close with; family, friends, etc—after all you are human too. If you feel you are at your wit’s end sometimes because those suffering with Spiritual Dementia have simply not waken up to the freedom of consciously living try to remember that even though they believe what they are experiencing in the Matrix is obviously conscious, know that they either will or will not retain the knowledge that they are spiritual beings having a human experience before their time on earth has run its course.