time twistsWAKE UP CALL — precog dream | November 2000 (going through divorce at the time)

In this dream, I woke up to the phone ringing. When I looked at the clock on my night stand the time read 2:00AM. I picked up the phone and there was a policeman on the other end, and said with a very heavy Irish accent, “We have your husband, he is in some trouble.” I asked the officer what he did and he replied “I’m sorry miss,  I am not at liberty to say.” I asked several times if he could tell me what he did or how bad the circumstances were, but he just kept repeating, “I’m sorry miss, I am not at liberty to say.” This went on for a minute, and finally I responded with an aggregated tone, “If you are not at liberty to say than why did you call me? Can I please talk to him?” The office still refused. I then offered him a bribe with cookies and or lasagna (why lasagna I do not know), and finally he agreed to let me talk to him. My then husband got on the phone and said “Hey, I am in some trouble, I need you to help me, can you come and bail me out?”

With his comment still hanging in the air—”Hey, I am in some trouble, I need you to help me, come and bail me out” the phone rang, but this time it rang in real time. When I woke up to see what time it was, the clock read 1:59AM (one minute before the time on the clock in my dream). On the other end of the phone was my then husband, calling me from a phone booth (remember phone booths? lol). He said to me, “Hey, I am in some trouble, Sean (or C for short) and I were at the club and he took off with some girls and left me stranded without a ride home. I need you to help me, I need you to come and bail me out.”

[This was my first precog dream that I actually remembered and wrote down. I will never forget this dream, as it was so so real. Fifteen years later, and I can still hear myself trying to convince the Irish speaking officer with cookies lasagna  . . .]